We offer the following analytical test services.

Peroxide Value
FFA/Acid Value
Anisidine Value
Unsaponifiable Material
Saponification Value
Fatty Acid Profile including
calculated Iodine Value
Carotenoid Content*
Folch Lipid Extraction*
Relative Density*
Refractive Index*
Alkaline Impurities/Soap Content*
Cold Test*
Insoluble Impurities*
Moisture and Volatile Matter*
Petroleum Ether – Fat Content *
Slip/Melting Point*
Polar Compounds*
Lovibond Color Test*
Gardner Color Test*
AOCS Tintometer Red/Yellow

*not SANAS accredited

Turnaround Times

Standard: 8 Working Days 
Express: 4 Working Days (at an additional cost)
Express: 2 Working Days (at an additional cost)

Precision Oil


Precision Oil Laboratories provide consultation services to the Fats and Oils industry.  The consultation is mainly focussed on increasing the quality of oil produces and ranges from the raw product to the refined and bottled product or composite oil-containing product.


Training is available for the oil industry and is adapted according to the specific focus areas and background of the client.  The aim of the training sessions are to supply the vegetable oil producers with sufficient information to improve the quality of oil production.  Basic oil chemistry taught during the course gives the producer a thorough background of quality parameters and composition.  The training enables oil producers to decide which analyses to request for their specific product.  With the background knowledge gained during the training, producers are able to interpret the Certificate of analysis when results are received.  Please contact us for further information regarding training.

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